Internal Complaint Committee

As per AICTE Regulations, 2016 (Internal Complaint Committee) forgender sensitization, Prevention and Probibition of Sexual Harassment of Women Employees and students and Redressal of Grievances in Institution, the Internal Complaint Committee has been constituted withthe followingcomposition for the academic year 2023-24

1 Dr.N.Penchalaiah Teaching Professor-CSE Convener 9676905789
2 Dr.G.Chenchu Krishnaiah Teaching Professor-ECE Member 9160187087
3 Mr.G.HariKrishna Teaching Asst. Professor-FME Member 9866807792
4 Mr.G.Rathnaiah Teaching Asst. Professor-EEE Member 8121918115
5 Ms.P.Sruthi Teaching Asst. Professor-CIVIL Member 7702739447
6 Mr. A.Guru Pradeep Teaching Asst. Professor-MECH Member 9014295411
7 Mrs.E.Lakshmi Devi Non-Teaching Lab Technician-ECE Member 7093606885
8 Mr.Ch.Tirumala Rao Non-Teaching Lab Technician-MECH Member 8985583692
9 Mr.M.Dileep Student CSE(AI) Member 9989489090
10 Mr.M.Kalyan Student EEE Member 9392781348
11 Ms.Mannam Pavani Student CSE Member 9248748409

Functions and Responsibilities:

To effectively address workplace sexual harassment complaints, a complaints committees must first be aware of their key responsibilities. Some of which are highlighted below.
1. Be thoroughly prepared.
2. Know the Act, Policy and/or relevant Service Rules.
3. Gather and record all relevant information documents.
4. Determine the main issues.
5. Create an enabling meeting environment.
6. Use nody language that communicates complete attention to the parties.
7. Treat the complaint with respect.
8. Discard pre-determined ideas.
9. Determine the harm.

Functions the Internal Committee:

Redressal of Complaints filed
i). Within the scope of the laws.
ii). with fairnedd and withour bias.
iii). Within the time of 90 days.
Awareness workshops/activities
To educate all employees of the institute abour:
i). Sexual harassment at workplace, itseffects, and laws against it.
ii). Filing a complaint with the ICC.